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Derive value through our association!


We are a team of professionals with a varied experience of working and coordinating on various complex mixed use- multi level projects. We have teamed together with the singular moto of Together Everyone Achieves More.

We strive to work with (not for) the clients as a part of the client’s project team. We work on an innovative, contextual approach to providing consultancy services. Customization & scalability are the main ingredients and flexibility is the flavor of our work.

With a practical outlook for hand holding with the uncertainties faced by the developers in today’s market, we maintain a coordination office with moderate full time staffing and associate with independent studios & individuals to form project teams having specific level of exposure, skill set and specialization required to address the complexity of the project.

For example, a small cottage may be designed by an individual architect with good exposure in independent home design, while a large multi-disciplinary team of specialists will be teamed up to work on a resort hotel project. This ensures that we get the benefit of scalability and the client gets the economy of scale.

Whether your project is a master planning project spread over acres of land or a multi-story mixed use structure or a small cottage, we can prepare a service package that fits your requirement, time and budget.

Please contact us on to further discuss the possibilities of leveraging on our flexible and optimized consultancy model.


One stop for all design needs

Anything from a special design feature such as a sculptural fountain to a complex design such as a hotel resort project, we can assist you with the right support with our custom made teams that will focus on the right solutions you need- nothing more- noting less. Our flexible model of collaborative consultancy, ensures that we get the benefit of scalability and the client gets the economy of scale

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Build virtually - test real time

We build and test your project "virtually"  to ensure that you get the best out of YOUR design before you finalise your designs or build on ground . This will save you time and money on your projects and ensure that the reworks, retrofits and rebuilds are completely eliminated. build on the ground. We can help you visualize your project using parametric models built using BIM (Building Information Managment) tools, test the energy performance of the  building using BEM (Building Energy Management) Tools and advise you on the detailing and design interventions that can be incorporated in the right time in the design development cycle. We can also assist with your marking collaterals!


Your transition from now to next

If you are looking to explore new product or technology, may be it for office management, automation, BIM implementation, techno commercial feasibility analysis of construction technique such as PEB/ Pre cast or any other unconventional work, but you are not sure how to go further about it. Just call us for a discussion  and we will figure it out for you, guide you in the process and hand hold till the purpose is achieved.

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Architekton Conglomerate

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